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  • Welcome to Yangzhou Wanhe Copper Co., Ltd. Twitter   LinkedIn
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    One-stop manufacturing supplier
    Mold design, blank casting, casting processing, inspection and delivery
    Service Hotline:
    +86 132 1897 9996
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    Corporate vision:

    ● take responsibility and make greater contribution to the country and society

    ● keep the enterprise growing

    ● make employees richer and happier

    Corporate mission:

    ● provide our target customers with copper products to their satisfaction

    Corporate values:

    ● keep "integrity" in mind as the first essence of our business

    ● respect every employee and partner

    ● carry forward the spirit of craftsman and pursue excellence

    ● create a just and fair environment within the enterprise

    ● protect the environment and benefit future generations

    Corporate objectives:

    ● help customers solve problems and create value for customers

    Corporate responsibility:

    ● To promote the development of investment casting industry