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  • Welcome to Yangzhou Wanhe Copper Co., Ltd. Twitter   LinkedIn
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    One-stop manufacturing supplier
    Mold design, blank casting, casting processing, inspection and delivery
    Service Hotline:
    +86 132 1897 9996
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    Yangzhou Wanhe Copper Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993. The company has been focusing on the special casting of copper alloy materials for more than 20 years, which has been highly recognized by customers at home and abroad, and has established a long-term cooperative relationship with it. Its products are widely used in military industry, ships, high-voltage electrical appliances, urban rail transit and wind power generation equipment, etc.

    The company covers an area of more than 20000 square meters, plant area of more than 10000 square meters, the company's main production equipment is investment casting and coated sand casting production line, heat treatment and machining, testing equipment is complete.

    We adhere to the purpose of "do good products for good customers", and take "help customers solve problems, create value for customers" as our forever pursuit goal.